5 Common Types Of Commercial Glass Damage

Your commercial storefront windows don't just provide security and protection, they are also an important part of the aesthetic appeal of your business.  1. Weathering Weathering damage leads to issues like hazing and etching on the glass. Hazing is often the result of hard water deposits that cause a white haze to build up. A glass repair service can use acidic cleansers to eat through the minerals and clear the windows. [Read More]

5 Signs That You Need To Re-Glaze Your Windows

Glazing refers to the actual glass of your windows. Damages to the glass don't always require a full window replacement. Sometimes you can simply have the windows re-glazed by a glazing contractor. 1. Water Leaks The most obvious sign of a problem is if water leaks around the edges of the glass. This is usually first noticed in stormy weather when rain beats against the window, or if a sprinkler sprays the glass. [Read More]

3 Ways To Use Decorative Glass Blocks To Spruce Things Up Around Your House

Are you looking for easy and fun ways to spruce things up around your home, whether inside or out? Consider making use of some decorative glass blocks. They are affordable and can be utilized in a variety of different ways. Here are just a few ways to use decorative glass blocks around your house to spruce things up a little: Divide a Room Up If you want to create a play area for your little ones in the family room where their toys won't interfere with the rest of the room and your older household members will not interrupt playtime, you can use decorative glass blocks to do so. [Read More]

2 Ways To Take Care Of Your Windshield In The Winter

Winter brings all kinds of challenges when it comes to your car and driving. Ice can make it unsafe for you to be out on the roads. Cold can drain your car's battery and make it harder for your car to start. One of the things that you might not realize is that cold temperatures can also affect your car's windshield. In fact, the cold and winter can be really hard on your windshield. [Read More]