5 Auto Glass Repair Myths Debunked

Glass repairs can be very confusing for many car owners. To learn more, read below for some myths about auto glass repairs and the associated truths. 1. All Auto Glass Repair Can Be a DIY Job You can't do some auto glass repairs — windshield repairs, for example — unless you have the appropriate expertise and equipment. If you do attempt it, you won't get a safe solution and may incur more costs in the long run. [Read More]

Can Your Vehicle's Windshield Shatter If You Fail To Repair Minor Cracks?

Does your car's windshield have minor cracks that require repair? If so, you shouldn't wait long to fix the damage. While minor cracks may seem harmless, they can hinder visibility and affect the safety of vehicle occupants. Over time, small cracks can even cause the windshield to shatter. Although the windshield won't break and spray shards of glass all over your car, it will cost you a lot of money to replace. [Read More]

Why Are Your Glass Windows Foggy?

If the windows in your home have become faded or foggy and you can't clear the window with cleaning supplies, you may be wondering what the cause of this issue is and how to fix it. The three main causes of foggy windows are ultraviolet (UV) damage, water damage, and improper cleaning. Read on to learn more about these issues and how to fix them.  Ultraviolet Damage UV rays from the sun can actually break down chemical bonds in the glass and cause color fading and fogginess. [Read More]

Keys To Designing A Beautiful And Functional Shower Enclosure

If you're the type of person that enjoys taking showers, then you may want to improve this aspect of your bathroom by going with a custom shower enclosure. You'll have success with this design process if you acknowledge the following things before getting started. Figure Out How Your Current Shower Is Lacking You'll know exactly how to design a custom shower enclosure if you first look at your home's shower and point out things you don't like with it. [Read More]