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Why Have Your New Windshield Recalibrated?

If you need to have a new windshield installed in your car, then you might also need to have it recalibrated. Some auto glass replacement services do this automatically; others offer it as an additional service.

While you might not need a recalibration on an older car that doesn't have advanced driver assistance systems, it is essential on new models that use this technology. How does recalibration work? Why is it important?

What Is Windshield Recalibration?

The windshields in older cars have a simple purpose. They protect the front of the car and give drivers a clear view of the road. If you need a new windshield, then a regular glass replacement does the right job.

However, modern cars now use advanced technical assistance systems to enhance your driving experience and safety. The glass in your windshield plays a part in your car's system.

For example, you might have a camera in this area that helps read the road and driving conditions. Parts of your windshield's glass might hold or connect to sensors that control anything from your car's heating controls to monitoring and warning systems.

When you have a new windshield replaced in more modern cars, technicians will recalibrate any systems that connect to your windshield or that are affected by it. For example, they might need to reposition cameras to make sure that they can work with the windshield. Or, they might need to ensure that tinted areas on the glass line up with your sensors.

They ensure that the windshield doesn't prevent assistance systems from working. After recalibration, your new windshield should work just as effectively with your assistance systems as your old one did.

Why Is Windshield Recalibration Important?

If your windshield isn't exactly positioned and calibrated to work with your car's advanced systems, then the systems can't work correctly. On a basic level, your car won't perform as well as it should; on a more serious level, you lose safety benefits.

For example, a misalignment between the glass and a sensor could prevent the sensor from picking up key signals. If your camera isn't repositioned, then it can't read certain situations and act on them.

You might lose useful features. For example, an uncalibrated windshield could shut down automatic parking, turning assistance, and navigation systems.

Your car could also become less safe to drive. If your windshield isn't calibrated exactly, then it could affect the way that warning alerts work. So, for example, you might lose collision avoidance, driver drowsiness, pedestrian protection, and emergency assistance features.

If you have a recalibration when you replace your windshield, your car's assistance system will work correctly. You'll benefit from its full safety features.

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