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5 Auto Glass Repair Myths Debunked

Glass repairs can be very confusing for many car owners. To learn more, read below for some myths about auto glass repairs and the associated truths.

1. All Auto Glass Repair Can Be a DIY Job

You can't do some auto glass repairs — windshield repairs, for example — unless you have the appropriate expertise and equipment. If you do attempt it, you won't get a safe solution and may incur more costs in the long run.

Conversely, an auto glass repair expert has the tools, knowledge, and expertise required to handle auto glass repairs. Besides, some home kits create worse problems and change what would be an auto glass repair into a replacement.

2. Auto Glass Repairs Raises Your Insurance Rates

Your insurance may rise after auto glass repair, but the situation isn't absolute. Often, whether the rates rise depends on your history.

For instance, you might see a spike if you have made many claims. But, on the other hand, if the auto glass damage is your first offense, you don't have to worry about higher insurance. Besides, insurance companies won't want to risk your relationship for an auto glass repair.

3. A Small Chip Doesn't Need Prompt Auto Glass Repair

Many believe that a minor chip or crack is a minor flaw, which is invalid. Even the smallest chip can degrade your auto glass and develop into a break. Most small dings don't require a replacement. However, if you leave the small problem untreated, the only eventual choice may be a replacement.

4. All Auto Glass Damages Require a Replacement

Whereas some damages, like cracks, need replacement, other minor defects can be repaired by professionals. Experts assess the damage on your auto glass to determine the right course of action. For example, chips that are tiny and limited to the interior layer of the glass are repairable. The chances of a successful auto glass repair for minor problems depend on how early you address the issue.

5. You Can Drive With a Cracked Windscreen

You may notice some drivers along the streets with cracked windshields, but this is unsafe. If the crack or chip is within the driver's line of sight, you can have impaired visibility which is hazardous for you and other road users. Pieces of glass, too, can break and hit you or your occupants and cause severe injuries. Besides, some states charge a ticket if you drive with a cracked windshield.


You may jeopardize your safety and face costly occurrences if you believe auto glass repair myths. So, ignore the above myths and equip yourself with the correct information. Finally, if you aren't sure about anything, always consult a professional auto glass repair compan in your area.