2 Ways To Take Care Of Your Windshield In The Winter

Winter brings all kinds of challenges when it comes to your car and driving. Ice can make it unsafe for you to be out on the roads. Cold can drain your car's battery and make it harder for your car to start. One of the things that you might not realize is that cold temperatures can also affect your car's windshield. In fact, the cold and winter can be really hard on your windshield. [Read More]

Install Graffiti Film On Your Fleet Of Vehicles

Spray paint and markers are typically used to deface surfaces that are found in congested parts of a city or a town, and this type of vandalism is often used to permanently alter vehicles that are used for public transport purposes. If some of your drivers have encountered graffiti on their assigned vehicles, removing the paint or markers was likely time consuming and costly. Graffiti film is a product that will add a layer of protection to each vehicle. [Read More]

Two Reasons To Consider Professional Residential Glass Installation

If you are in need of a new window installation or other glass panel installation in your household, then you should strongly consider residential glass installation. A glass contractor can ensure that you're windows or shower panes are installed properly and with the right kind of glass you need for your home, without wasting your valuable time. Proper Installation The most important reason you should hire a professional to handle your household glass or window installation is that doing it yourself substantially increases the risk of the glass being installed improperly. [Read More]

4 Different Types Of Window Tint For Your Business

If you want to apply window tint to your business, you want to make sure that you pick the right type of window tint. There are four different types of window tints that are commonly used in businesses, each with different features. Type #1: Dyed Window Tinting Film The most common and typical type of window tinting film is dyed film. Dyed window film is dyed in order to create different colors or degrees of tint. [Read More]