The Benefits of Glass Storefronts For Your Business

Install Graffiti Film On Your Fleet Of Vehicles

Spray paint and markers are typically used to deface surfaces that are found in congested parts of a city or a town, and this type of vandalism is often used to permanently alter vehicles that are used for public transport purposes. If some of your drivers have encountered graffiti on their assigned vehicles, removing the paint or markers was likely time consuming and costly. Graffiti film is a product that will add a layer of protection to each vehicle.

Clear Or Tinted Film

Commercial vehicles that are used to transport people to and from work or shopping centers are crucial to the longevity of your business. Graffiti can hinder the view of a driver or those who are seated alongside a window that has been vandalized. Illicit pictures or words will detract from the professional appearance you wish for all of your drivers to maintain and may discourage people from using the services that are offered through your business.

Clear or tinted graffiti film will cling to the exterior side of each glass pane that is part of a vehicle's design. When paint or markers are applied to the surface of the film, they will remain on the film and will not penetrate through to the glass. With the active use of this type of barrier, you will only be responsible for replacing a piece of film and will no longer be faced with the unpleasant task of removing dried paint or markers from glass.

Multi-Functional Products

Products are tested for fire and chemical resistance and comply with vehicle codes that are enforced nationwide. Some products are designed to protect glass from vandalism and block the sun's rays or minimize scratches and other damage associated with weight being applied to a glass pane. If you want to ensure that each passenger remains comfortable throughout a ride to a particular destination, purchase graffiti film products that are tinted.

Tint will not hinder a passenger's ability to see outside and each rider will not need to endure glaring sunlight during any portion of a ride. For extra strength that is necessary during a potential vandalism that involves heavy force, purchase graffiti film that contains anti-spall properties. This type of film will improve weight management and if blunt force comes into contact with glass, the film will stick to broken shards, reducing the likelihood that a driver or a passenger will be harmed from flying projectiles.