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4 Benefits Of Tempered Glass For Your Shower Doors

Installing glass shower doors accentuates the beauty of your bathroom and adds vigor to this important space. Although you want to level up the aesthetics with customized glass shower doors, it's important to use safe and durable glass. Indeed, tempered glass makes the perfect material, given its resistance to scratches, heat, and impact.

Tempered glass shower doors are the perfect addition if you're updating the bathroom. Their design versatility suits a wide range of bathroom spaces. However, it makes sense to engage professional glaziers to handle such a delicate installation. 

Here are some benefits of tempered glass for your shower doors.

It's Durable

Tempered glass shower doors are designed to last with minimal chances of breaking. Compared to regular glass, the tempered option is reinforced during the manufacturing process.

When used for glass shower doors, tempered glass stands up well against scratches and gradual wear and tear. Indeed, many benefits come with installing tempered glass shower doors in areas that experience extreme temperature changes.

It's Heat Resistant

Bathrooms experience drastic temperature fluctuations daily. Ordinary glass can sometimes shatter from exposure to heat. Annealed glass might shatter into jagged shards that could injure you or your loved ones.

If you've installed a tempered glass shower door, it can withstand high temperatures when it is exposed to hot water. Even if the glass breaks, it will disintegrate into blunt pieces that won't injure you, especially in the moist and slippery bathroom environment.

Safe And Reliable

Daily soap use inside your shower enclosure makes it slippery, and accidents can happen. If you've installed shower doors made out of tempered glass, you have peace of mind every time you hop into the shower. If a slip accident happens and you bump into your glass shower doors, it's highly unlikely that it will break. 

Specially manufactured tempered glass doesn't pose injury risks like standard glass options. Indeed, this is one quality that makes it the perfect material for your frameless glass shower doors.

Incredible Design Versatility

If you're updating the bathroom look with glass shower doors, tempered glass offers design flexibility. You can order customized door designs to accentuate the predominant style in your bathroom. 

A skilled glazier cuts your preferred door in clear, frosted, patterned, or engraved glass options. This allows you maximum creativity and control over the new bathroom look. Furthermore, tempered glass is streak and smudge resistant, and it keeps its sheen with minimal maintenance.