The Benefits of Glass Storefronts For Your Business

5 Common Types Of Commercial Glass Damage

Your commercial storefront windows don't just provide security and protection, they are also an important part of the aesthetic appeal of your business. 

1. Weathering

Weathering damage leads to issues like hazing and etching on the glass. Hazing is often the result of hard water deposits that cause a white haze to build up. A glass repair service can use acidic cleansers to eat through the minerals and clear the windows. Etching is caused by sand and debris being blown against the windows. Eventually, this results in many small abrasions etched into the glass. Thick glass can sometimes be buffed and polished until it is clear again, but often replacement is necessary.

2. Graffiti 

Graffiti is a frustrating type of vandalism, especially when it comes to glass. Paint and ink-based graffiti can usually be removed. Graffiti that is scratched with a sharp object is nearly impossible to remove completely, although it may be possible to buff out shallow scratches. Prevention is preferred. Your glass service can install special clear films that prevent scratches from penetrating the glass.

3. Aging

As a window ages is can develop all sorts of problems. Older windows may develop distortions in the glass, which impede the view. Some coatings may yellow over time, creating a permanent dinginess. Aging may also cause insulated windows to lose their insulating layer of glass between the panes, which can lead to energy loss and ugly water spotting that can't be removed. Old windows are best replaced with new ones.

4. Cracks

Cracks can occur for a variety of reasons. Impacts from vandals or intruders, accidental impacts such as from a thrown object, as well as stress fractures from earth tremors or building settling are all such reasons. Cracks can't be repaired on a commercial window, but your glass service tech can remove the glass pane and replace it. This is less expensive than replacing the entire window, frame and all. 

5. Seal Failure

Seal failure may first become obvious as a water leak around the edges of the window. If your windows are protected from moisture exposure, such as by a roof overhang, then the first sign may be drafts around the window. A broken seal can be dangerous since it means the glass is no longer properly secured. Fortunately, a glass service can reglaze the window so the seal is strong again. 

Contact a commercial window repair service if you notice damage on your storefront glass.