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4 Different Types Of Window Tint For Your Business

If you want to apply window tint to your business, you want to make sure that you pick the right type of window tint. There are four different types of window tints that are commonly used in businesses, each with different features.

Type #1: Dyed Window Tinting Film

The most common and typical type of window tinting film is dyed film. Dyed window film is dyed in order to create different colors or degrees of tint. The dye in the window film also helps to reduce heat gain in your building as well. Dyed window film is affordable, but it can also easily scratch, and fades the fastest out of the top four window tinting options.

Type #2: Metalized Window Tinting Film

The second type of window film is metalized window film. This type of window film has little flecks of metal that is added to the tinted film. The little flecks of metal are not for aesthetic purposes.

The little flecks of metal are designed to make the window film look more reflective on the outside when someone is trying to look into your business from outside. That, combined with the dye in the film, will help to create a deeper level of privacy within your business.

Those little metal flakes also serve a second purpose They help to reflect the sun's light away from your commercial business. This can help reduce the solar heat gain inside your building. The metal flecks can also reduce sun fading that can occur inside due to the presence of consistent sun rays.

The big downside to metalized window tinting is that the little metal flecks can have a negative impact on cellular signals. If your business depends on the use of cell phones, you will probably want to avoid using a metalized window tinting film.

Type #3: Carbon Window Tinting Film

Next up is a carbon window tinting film. Carbon window tinting film is more expensive to install. The color of the film can vary like with a basic dyed window film. It doesn't have any metal in it like metalized window tinting film, and thus doesn't have a negative impact on your cell phone usage, which is great if your business uses cell phones. 

Carbon window film doesn't have a shiny nor reflective look to it. It has more of an opaque look to it.

Carbon window film does a great job at blocking harmful rays that fade the interior of your building and reduces the heat that comes into your building, lowering your business's energy bills.

Type #4: Ceramic Window Tinting Film

The newest and most expensive type of window film is a ceramic window tinting film. Ceramic window tinting film is able to block a higher percentage of solar heat in comparison to the other types of window film. It also doesn't have a negative impact on cell signals.

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