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Five Things To Focus On When Having A New Commercial Entry Door Installed

If you are preparing to install a new commercial entry door on your building, focus on these five things. Then, you can make sure that you are purchasing and installing the right commercial entry door for your business.

1. Appearance

First of all, you should definitely pay attention to appearance when choosing a commercial entry door. You will probably want to choose a door that looks inviting, attractive, and professional for those who are entering your building or who are just passing by. Fortunately, commercial entry doors come in various styles and appearances, so choosing the right one for your business should be easy.

2. Cost

Next, you should think about cost. Generally, it is worth it to spend a little more to purchase the right commercial entry door for your business. Still, cost might be a consideration, so it's something to think about when comparing doors and getting quotes from different commercial door installation contractors.

3. Compliance

You might be subject to certain regulations when having a commercial entry door installed. For example, you might be required to install a door that is wide enough for use by wheelchair users, or you might be required to install a certain type of door for emergency evacuations. Make sure that you are aware of commercial building codes in your area so that you can ensure that all of your commercial entry doors are compliant.

4. Durability

Naturally, durability is important when purchasing any type of building material for your commercial building. People will probably be going in and out of your building all the time, so you have to make sure that your new commercial door will be able to hold up well to this heavy-duty use. Additionally, you will probably want to make sure that your new door is durable and strong enough that it cannot be easily tampered with. After all, security for your building is critical, and choosing the right door — as well as the right commercial door hardware — can go a long way toward protecting your business.

5. Proper Fit

You probably don't want to make big structural changes to your building just so that you can install a new commercial door, at least if you can help it. Therefore, you will need to make sure that your new commercial door is appropriately sized for your building. You can take measurements, or your commercial door installation professional can take measurements to ensure there is a proper fit.

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